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The Story

Behind Heirlūm Hangers

Heirlum Hangers Best Custom Wedding Hanger for Brides Wedding Dress and Bridal Party in Velvet

Our Mission

To help you elevate the memories of your special day with the perfect touch of detail. Our hope is to inspire joy for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity, size and gender while being environmentally conscious with the pursuit of producing zero waste.

Our Product

We created the one-of-a-kind, patent pending, luxury Heirlūm Hanger to let you beautifully display your wedding dress on your wedding day and beyond. Our hope is to invoke joy as you admire and photograph your dress in the moments leading up to your wedding ceremony. After your big day, our sturdy and sustainably-made Heirlūm Hanger can display your elevated garment for a lifetime…because it now encapsulates your memories from the experience. Built to last forever, you can use and be always reminded of the joys from your special day.

Heirlūm Hangers gift box

Our Boxes

Join us in being environmentally-savvy. With proper care, your Heirlūm Hanger can last a lifetime and more. Plus, our complimentary boxes should never need to see a landfill. The sturdy outer shipping box is ideal to store large event keepsakes, such as wedding shoes and dried floral arrangements, while the inner white signature Heirlūm Hanger box is perfect for your most delicate treasures such as notes, handkerchiefs, invitation, photos, and more.

Our Founder

Creativity is born from limitation. When founder Sarika Patel prepared for her dream wedding day, she struggled to find a photographable keepsake hanger that could hold the weight of her traditional Indian dress. Unfortunately, the only option she found on the market at the time was a wooden and wired hanger that ended up snapping in half from the weight of her heavily beaded wedding dress. Sarika set out to find a sustainable solution to help other brides showcase their stunning dresses on their wedding day and also to serve as a memento to be kept and passed down as an heirloom.
Heirlūm Hangers founder of the best wedding hanger Sarika Patel on her wedding day